Our beautiful city is at a critical crossroads. Below are some solid ideas and sensible solutions for replenishing lost city revenue. Together we can forge a path to a bright future.


Our Extraordinary Resources

In Vero Beach, we have many unique assets. It's no wonder so many people are drawn here. We need to invest vigorously in our historic downtown, creative Arts District, and popular restaurants that, together, give Vero that unique mainland vibe. Tapping into all that energy will create much-needed positive revenue. We can work to speed up the permitting process and advocate with the county to promote a business-friendly atmosphere. One of our biggest assets, which I helped close, is the old power plant. We worked with the Chamber of Commerce to come up with a vision plan for this land, with river front fine dining, hotels and a deep-water boat ramp. I support this plan and will work to continue the development of this city property to provide additional income, and to become a working gem in our beautiful city.

Across our great lagoon, Vero's beachside is a treasure with bountiful shops, enticing restaurants and glorious beaches. We can dutifully promote our beachside community and enjoy the benefits of more robust tourism. I will continue to advocate for low-density and responsible development. I believe there are several undeveloped areas, such as Bethel Park, River House and our Marina that can generate additional revenue for the city. Advocating to keep taxes low will help our beachside blossom.



Business Savvy Investing

I have thorough knowledge of the city’s inner workings and during my past position on council, I strived to have the highest reserves Vero has had in 7 years. We need to invest responsibly for a solid return on the utility sale proceeds to maintain our services! We need to pay off city debts and increase cash flow to keep taxes from rising! I have an MBA and extensive background as a business owner. In the past, I have helped turn around many businesses to yield a positive cash flow, while working with the bankruptcy courts. I know what it takes to balance the city budget and to use creativity in finding ways for our city to generate income.



Investment Management

I support the drive for a fully funded pension plan, which is another source of revenue for the city. By using proceeds to pay off unfunded pension obligations, this would, in turn, bring good returns on the city investments.



Healthy Lagoon = Healthy City

It’s hard to believe, but our lagoon project was scrapped by the current council! It's time to bring it back to life. One of these projects is utilizing the storm water program. The second is a program where I worked with many scientists and environmental advocates to bring the aeration project to the city, and yet, the current council has failed to take advantage of this great opportunity to bring back the health of our lagoon. The aeration program will remove the muck at the bottom of the lagoon. I will continue to work these positive ideas to protect our lagoon and waterways.



A Cleaner, More Efficient City

It’s clear. Increasing the STEP Program can create additional revenue for the city while freeing our lagoon from harmful pollution. This project has been underutilized with the current city council. I believe there is much untapped potential here and this project could add great value to the environment and our city budget.



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